Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Precision Advertising Fails To Pay Their Bill

Precision Advertising, a firm run by Kevin Schmidt in Shreveport, LA called on Cube Management a few months ago to find them a number of top sales reps for their newly launched advertising service. After sourcing, screening and presenting several candidates, Kevin made an offer to one of our candidates. Now Kevin refuses to pay us for our services rendered. He is trying to say they we did not do a good job of finding him candidates or screening them to his liking. I say BS! Kevin just does not want to pay us the money he owes us and is looking for a way to get out of his contract.

In the nine (9) years that I have been providing sales and marketing services to the business community, I have never had a client refuse to pay me. Kevin talked a mean game. Told me he wanted to hire a 100 reps, wanted a discount too! Well since he obviously can not afford to pay for one let alone 100, I suggest that all you other recruiters out there - beware. Kevin Schmidt is not to be trusted!

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