Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Recruiters Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

Often times we come across companies that are looking to hire sales people but don't recognize the value of an outside sales recruiting service. The reason is because they are experienced hiring managers. Certainly most sales managers, one of their key capabilities is to hire good people, but getting to those people is half the battle. This is where a good recruiting company can help. A good recruiter knows how to go in and access the best talent, where ever it may be, including companies which you could not approach directly and can make the difference between hiring B and C players for your company, those who are out looking for a job, and hiring A players, those who typically aren't out looking for a job but are always willing to listen to an opportunity.

The results from hiring a B or C player and hiring an A player can be truly astounding. Particularly in the sales arena, a top producer is one who can produce several times the amount of sales as a B or C player. Getting to those people is no easy task and that's where seeking outside assistance can make a real difference. What's the bottom line impact? Sometimes it can be worth several million dollars of incremental sales for your company per year. Can you afford not to hire the best in your business? If you really are trying to grow and take your company to the next level, it's important that you don't settle for less than the best. This is why a good recruiter is so critical to bringing you the gold you need in order to grow your company.

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